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Basic Sindhi Phrases

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Basic Sindhi Phrases

Looking to greet and connect with the people of Sindh? Learn these basic phrases and feel welcome wherever you go!

We’re here to share some easy-to-learn Sindhi phrases that’ll help you connect with the locals, whether you’re exploring bustling markets or sharing a cup of chai. Let’s dive in and start speaking Sindhi!

Excuse memaaf kayo
My name is RohitMuhenjo Nalo Rohit aahe
What is your name? tawhaan jo naloo chha aahee?
what are you doingtawhaan chha piya keo
Which class do you study in?Tawhan kahri kaksha me parhanda ahiyo?
I study in Class 8thMaan athen kalaas me parhando ahyan
Pleased to meet you Tawhaan saan milli khoshi thi
How much does this cost?Hi ketre jo aahiye
Where do you live?tawhaan kathee rahanda aahyo?
Can you help me please?mehrabani karee tohan munhanji madd karee sagho thaa
I like learning language.Munkhe Bhasha Parhanu Sutho lagando aahe?
SorryMaaf Kajo
What Happenedchha thiyo
Where are you goingtawhaan kadi piya wajo
Where is FoodKhado kithey aahe?
Today is MondayAaj Soomar aahe
What happnedChha thiyo
I want to go back man wapas wajan chahiyan tho
I am trying to learn SindhiMaan sindhi sikhan ji koshis kare rahyo aahyan?
I am SorryMoon khe afsos aahee

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