Why do Sindhi surnames end in NI?

Sindhi surnames typically end with the suffix “ani”, which is derived from the Sanskrit word “aniya”, meaning “belonging to”. This suffix is used to indicate that the person bearing the surname is a member of the Sindhi community. The first reason is that in the past, Sindhis did not have family names in the same … Read more

Districts of Sindh

There are Total thirty districts in the Pakistani province of Sindh. KARACHI The Karachi district is bounded on the north by the Lasbella district of Baluchistan, on the south east by Thatta district, on the south and south west by the Arabian Sea. The total area of the district is 1,357sq. miles. The main characteristic of the district is … Read more

who are sindhis

Sindh is the geographical name for province in modern Pakistan. People from sindh have historically traveled and worked all across the subcontinent even before the British Rule. But it was the exodus that followed the partition when large numbers traveled India and settled. Suddenly, after calling since their home for millennia, they were forced to … Read more