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Sindhi Calendar Tipno – Festivals and Important Days of 2024

sindhi calendar tipno 2024

Get the Sindhi calendar 2024 with Tithi, important festivals and holidays. Check out the auspicious timings, muhurats and panchang details related to Sindhi culture and all Sindhi hindu festivals, Also available as a free PDF download.

Plan your events and ceremonies easily. We have also mentioned Birthdays and varsis of sindhi saints in this Tipno.

Sindhi Hindu Festivals 2024

Festival NamesDatesDays
January 2024
Satguru Swami Devprakashji Maharaj’s 86th BirthdayJanuary 1Monday
EkadashiJanuary 7Sunday
Swami Vivekanand BirthdayJanuary 12Friday
Lohri (Lal Loi)January 14Sunday
Makarsankranti (Utran)January 15Monday
Sadhu T.L. Vaswani 57th AnniversaryJanuary 16Tuesday
EkadashiJanuary 21Sunday
India’s Republic DayJanuary 26Friday
February 2024
Bhagwanti Navani BirthdayFebruary 1Thursday
EkadashiFebruary 6Tuesday
AmavasyaFebruary 9Driday
Chand(new moon)February 11Sunday
Basant PanchamiFebruary 14Friday
EkadashiFebruary 20Tuesday
Dada J.P. Vaswani Thanksgiving Week Feb 18 to 24February 18Sunday
purnima(magh)February 24Saturday
March 2024
EkadashiMarch 6Wednesday
Ram Krishna Parmhans JayantiMarch 12Tuesday
Maha shivratriMarch 8Friday
AmavasyaMarch 10Sunday
Chand(new moon)March 11Monday
EkadashiMarch 20Wednesday
HoliMarch 24Sunday
purniva phalgunMarch 25Monday
DhulandiMarch 25Monday
April 2024
EkadashiApril 5Friday
AmavasyaApril 8Monday
Solar eclipseApril 8Monday
Navratri begins/Gudi purvaApril 9Tuesday
Sindhi Language DayApril 10Wednesday
Cheti chandApril 10Wednesday
VaisakhiApril 13Saturday
Yamuna chhathApril 14Sunday
Ran NavamiApril 17Wednesday
Mahavir JayantiApril 21Sunday
Hanuman JayantiApril 23Tuesday
May 2024
EkadashiMay 4Saturday
AmavasyaMay 8Wednesday
ChandMay 9thursday
Parashuram JayantiMay 10Friday
EkadashiMay 19Sunday
Narasimha JayantiMay 21Tuesday
Buddha purnimaMay 23Thursday
Memorial DayMay 27Monday
June 2024
EkadashiJune 02Sunday
AmavasyaJune 6Thursday
ChandJune 7Friday
Satguru Swami Teonramji Maharaj’s 138th BirthdayJune 11Tuesday
Ganga DussehraJune 16Sunday
Ekadashi NirjalaJune 18Tuesday
Purnima JyeshthaJune 22Saturday
July 2024
Yogini EkadashiJuly 2Tuesday
US Independence DayJuly 4Thursday
AmavasyaJuly 5Friday
Jaganath Rath YatraJuly 7Wednesday
Chand (new Moon)July 7Sunday
Dada J P Vaswani 6th AnniversaryJuly 12Friday
EkadashiJuly 17Wednesday
August 2024
Dada J.P. Vaswani’s 106th BirthdayAugust 2Friday
Amavasya HariyaliAugust 4Sunday
Chand (new moon)August 5Monday
Hariyali TeejAugust 07Wednesday
Choti Thadri(Nandi Satai)August 11Sunday
India’s Independence DayAugust 15Tuesday
Ekadashi PutradaAugust 16Friday
Raksha BhandhanAugust 19Monday
Teejri (Kajari Teej)August 22Thursday
Satguru Swami Sarvanand Maharaj’s 46th AnniversaryAugust 21Wednesday
Krishna janmashtmiAugust 26Monday
Ekadashi AjaAugust 29thursday
September 2024
Labour DaySeptember 2Monday
AmavasyaSeptember 2Monday
chand (new moon)September 4Wednesday
Mahalakshmi Vrat BeginsSeptember 11Wednesday
Radha AshtmiSeptember 11Wednesday
Ekadashi ParivartniSeptember 14Saturday
Ganesh VisarjanSeptember 17Tuesday
Pitra paksh (shradh start)September 17Tuesday
Mahalaxmi Sagra EndsSeptember 24Tuesday
EkadashiSeptember 28
Dhan TerasSeptember 29Tuesday
EkadashiSeptember 28Saturday
October 2024
Amavasya (Shradh Ends)October 2Wednesday
Navratri BeginsOctober 3Thursday
Chand (new moon)October 04Friday
DurgashtamiOctober 11Friday
Dussehra (Vijay Dashmi)October 12Saturday
Ekadashi PapankushaOctober 13Sunday
Sharad PurnimaOctober 17Thursday
Karwa ChauthOctober 20Sunday
Bhagwati Navani AnniversaryOctober 22Tuesday
EkadashiOctober 28Monday
Dhan TerasOctober 29Tuesday
November 2024
Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib AnniversaryNovember 1Friday
DiwaliNovember 1Friday
Chand (new Moon)
AnnKut Goverdhan Pooja
November 2Saturday
Bhai DoojNovember 3Sunday
Chhath poojaNovember 7Thursday
GopashtamiNovember 9Saturday
EkadashiNovember 12Tuesday
Tulsi VivahNovember 13Wednesday
Guru Nanak JayantiNovember 15Friday
Prof. Ram Punjwani BirthdayNovember 20Wednesday
Sadhu T.L. Vaswani 144th BirthdayNovember 25Monday
Ekadashi UtpannaNovember 26Tuesday
Thanks Giving DayNovember 28Thursday
December 2024
AmavasyaDecember 1Sunday
ChandDecember 2Monday
Ekadashi MokshadaDecember 11Wed
purnimaDecember 15Sunday
ChristmasDecember 25Wednesday
Ekadashi SaphalaDecember 26Thursday

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  2. There are many other small traditions and festivals which sindhis do celebrate.such as sacho(related to thikar). Such small information as when it is celebrated will be worth and helpful for us.

  3. Lekhraj Shyamdas Khemani

    This Tipno given us very important events & knowledge given us important tithiyan. And also knowledge about Old Sindhi Celebrities.

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